Why is everything so complicated

No carbs. No fat. No … just stop it! Why is everything so complicated?

I mean really? Have you ever looked into the history of “diets”? I have. It’s nonsense.

Cameron Diaz explains a few of the diet and weight loss crazes in her book, The Body Book: the law of hunger, the science of strength and other ways to love your amazing body.Β I’ll break it down for you a little…

  • The 1980s: People were claiming that fat was causing disease and weight gain. So companies started making fat-free and low-fat products. Sounds great, right? Umm, NO! “When they took out the fat, they replaced it with sugar, which just made people fat. Not to mention that fats (whole-food, healthy fats) are actually good for you.”
  • Then everyone went on a low-carb diet and that ironically tended to be a high-fat diet. Listen dolls, low carb is silly. You guys, we need carbs for energy. There is just a difference between good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates.
  • The most recent have been cutting out all animal protein, which again is silly in my opinion. Animal protein is healthy, in moderation.

Did you catch that word, moderation? Almost everything is good for you in moderation. Last night I had a brownie. Was it full of sugar? You bet! You know what else? It was delicious and I won’t beat myself up for eating it either. Why not? Because I don’t eat like that all the time, I eat like that in moderation. I’m human, and you are too!

So with all this said you’re probably wondering, okay then what should I eat then? It’s simple, you should be eating clean/natural. Probably not the first time you heard that one. But has anyone ever explained why?

The more something is touched (think processed/middle section of the store) the more nutrients it loses and the more chemicals they put in it so stay away as much as you can.

Fat is good for you, healthy fat.Β What I mean by that is, don’t go eating a tub of butter. That is bad fat. Any fat hard at room temperature you definitely want to take in less of (saturated fats). The fat that is liquid at room temperature is what you want in moderation (unsaturated fats). Fats like olive oil, sunflower oil and fats found in avocados and nuts are good fats for example. These fats help your body absorb minerals and vitamins.

I said up top, carbs are needed for energy. You just want good carbs instead of bad (vegetables and fruits vs a candy bar). These good carbs turn into glucose which gives you energy! I definitely need carbs to keep up with my family, Madison is 4 and non-stop!

Protein is so crucial as well. Animal protein or plant. It doesn’t matter, you just need it. Especially if you’re trying to gain muscle and are doing strength training because your body turns that protein into amino acid to help repair your muscles. So if you want those sexy arms, pick up the weights and get to eating some salmon!

Hello, Hot Stuff!!

When it comes down to it, the best “diet” is a healthy lifestyle and that involves eating clean food as much as possible (less processed) and eating in moderation. Just take it from my girl Jennifer πŸ˜‰

Amanda Lochner


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