The Heart is Powerful and The Mind is Deceiving

Do you use a heart rate monitor when you workout? I recommend that you do, especially when you are first starting out because the heart is powerful and the mind is deceiving.

Your heart can pump blood to every cell in your precious body in under a minute. That’s pretty darn impressive! It is the hardest working muscle in your body and when you are working out you require it to work even harder and it’s okay because it’s powerful and loves you for it!

When your heart is pounding during a moderate or high-intensity workout your whole body goes into shock mode. Your mind starts to panic and it tries to psych you out and get you to stop. Maybe it’s because you’re not used to it or maybe it’s because you’re secretly telling yourself you can’t do it. I’m telling you that the mind can be deceiving.

Get your mind right
You have to get your mind right <3

That’s why I say when you are first starting out you should use a heart monitor. At least until you have a better understanding of your limits and you know how to listen to your body better. They say you can judge your heart rate by your intensity level and you can judge your intensity level by whether or not you can carry on a conversation but I feel that using a heart monitor is the best way to really know how hard your body is working.

It’s also so important that you remember that you can’t compare yourself to anyone else because, even if you’re both getting into working out at the same time, what you and the person next to you are capable of is different and it could be for multiple reasons. So until you know your body and know how to roughly estimate your heart rate I suggest using a heart rate monitor of some sort. I still do because it also gives me a rough estimate of the calories I burned!! HELLO, MOTIVATION!!

I personally use a Polar A300 and I love it!

Polar A300 Fitness Watch
Polar A300
  • It counts my steps during the day
  • Estimates how many calories I’ve burned during the day
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Tracks Sleep
  • Notifications from my phone (FB, Instagram, Calls, Texts and Calendar reminders)
  • Multiple Fitness Activity selections (Strength Training, Walking, Running, Swimming, etc.)
  • Waterproof
  • Will graph out your workout progress when you plug it into your computer
  • No GPS 🙁 but they have other models that do (Polar M400)

There are other ones out there too like the Apple Watch and Fitbits.

I hear the Apple Watch is awesome, it does a lot of the same things but it also will do videos! I haven’t done research on the series 2 one yet, but I bet it’s amazing.

The Fitbit is nice because you can challenge your friends and that will help you stay motivated to keep moving throughout the day! They aren’t as bulky as the Polar’s and Apple either which is nice for everyday wear. They also have a wide variety to chose from which helps with budgets.

Either way, you have different options depending on your personal preference and budget, which is nice.

Whether you get a heart monitor watch or not I hope that the next time you workout you remember that your heart is powerful and your mind is deceiving.

You ARE capable

You ARE worth it

You CAN do it!!

Stop saying that you can't

Amanda Lochner

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