gratitude. The Secret to having it all is knowing you already do.

Gratitude: Why It Is important and How To Notice It

There are moments that my heart takes over and sends waves of warm joyful tears to my eyes. In these very moments are my strongest feelings of gratitude; I owe them to my kids.

Do I ever feel overwhelmed? Almost daily. Do I find myself frustrated and with little patience? Of course. Do I ever sit in the bathroom a little longer than necessary for an extra minute or two to regain my sanity? Haha, you betcha! However, in those moments where I hear their laughter, Madison sings, Ike’s eyes light up and he gives the biggest smile, or they choose me over Jon (haha, the little things) I find pure gratitude and joy in my heart and it makes every moment of weakness a distant memory. My kids are what taught me gratitude and how to notice it in even the smallest and simplest moments.

Everyone can benefit from practicing gratitude. It has been proven that practicing gratitude helps people experience a more positive mindset, lowers their stress levels, and are more likely to express compassion and kindness to others. That’s just to name a few of the benefits.

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