Protein Powder – Drink It

Do you know how many different protein powders there are out there on the market? Me either but I know it’s a shit ton! Protein from plant based to whey and flavors from cookies and cream to plain, you name it and they got it. It’s overwhelming! Lucky for you and not so lucky for my wallet, I’m a girl of curiosity and I’ve tried 10 different brands that I can remember. Here are my top 5 and why.

First, we should talk about why protein shakes are important. Whether you are lifting weights or going for long jogs you are getting microscopic tears in the tissue of your muscles. No, it’s okay! This is good. This is what makes you get that toned bod – keep reading. Your body automatically starts signaling to your muscles to start healing themselves and during this rebuilding time, your body is trying to alter itself to make sure that it doesn’t happen again which brings on new muscles that help get you that toned bod that I mentioned before. Drinking a protein shake at least 30 mins after a workout helps recover these tears and build more muscle since there is an efficient amount of protein and carbs.

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