Top 3 Favorite Apps For Your Health and Wellness Goals

I love that we have an app for everything nowadays and that we have the internet to look up everything we want to know. I mean seriously,  I don’t know about you, but I’d be lost without my apps and my Google… oh yeah, and Pinterest. Since I rely on apps so much to keep me organized in pretty much my whole life, I thought I’d share with you all my top 3 favorite apps that I use to help guide me in health and wellness!
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Knowledge is Power

It is no secret of mine that I enjoy a good book, and luckily that is a trait that my daughter seems to have too – proud Momma! Knowledge is power, and if you’re trying to get healthy and want to be successful then baby pick up a book! Below I am listing out 3 of my favorite books that involve health.

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Do Yourself A Favor and Take A Breather…

Health is so much more than physical activity. It’s being in a healthy state of mind as well. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that when someone told you that you were acting crazy, you stopped and thought, “maybe I am.”? That’s not healthy, that’s not a good feeling, it’s a feeling I’m all too familiar with, and I think you’re familiar with it too.

Most women have a tendency of feeling like they have to do it all and they have to do it perfectly. We take on too much; we do so much for our loved ones (friends, family, spouse, and children) that we forget to take time for ourselves. When the fact that we’re getting a little overwhelmed shows we get, I love you, you’re the best and thank you’s in return.

Hahaha!! Yeah right.

No, we get, “you’re acting crazy.”

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