Confidence Looks Good On Everyone

There I was, standing in front of my closet on a cold summer morning trying to find any pair of my pre-pregnancy pants that would fit comfortably. I tried on four different outfits, making myself feel bloated, soft and like my hard work over the last eight weeks got me nowhere. Then I had the brilliant idea of wearing one of my new favorite shorts that I recently bought and topping it with a t-shirt and throwing on a spring jacket until afternoon. Final result? Confidence – and it looked good!

The pre-pregnancy pants zipped but were so tight on my thighs, if I sat down you’d think I had giant marshmallows in them and my love handles stuck over the edge so I could rule out most of my tank tops.  Then I tried leggings that were so far stretched they were transparent. I felt disgusted with myself, and when I looked in the mirror, I could see the disappointment all over my face. So there I stood, wondering how on earth I gained 10 lbs over the weekend. I thought to myself, “I didn’t eat that bad. I would expect a little weekend bloat, but this?!”

Then I had that brilliant idea that I mentioned above. So I put on those favorite shorts and comfy blue shirt, looked in the mirror – with hesitation I won’t lie, but felt relieved. I was comfortable in my clothes again. It didn’t feel like my clothes were going to go ripping at the seams if I sat down. I didn’t have the “muffin top.” What I had was confidence. I felt good, and in return, I looked good.

So you see, it didn’t matter that my shorts were a bigger size than my jeans, what mattered was the fact that in one outfit I was restricted, and in the other, I could breathe.

So forget the number on the scale and the numbers and letters on your tags. Focus on how you feel and remember that confidence looks good on everyone.


Amanda 💜

Healthy looks different on every body

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