My Favorites Starting Off 2018

In 2017 I started paying close attention to what products my family and I were using and started switching out the dirty ones for the ones that were cleaner, meaning little to no chemicals. This is something that I find really important and will continue to do throughout 2018. Here are some of my favorites regarding moisturizers and shower necessities that I’m starting 2018 out with.


Moisturizer is so important and making sure you use one with safe ingredients is huge too. Many lotions on the shelves are filled with harmful chemicals that have been found to give animals cancer, humans breast cancer, damage fertility treatment and so much more. Check out this site for a list of we’ll known toxic ingredients found in body and food products.

I also try to get lotion without water as an ingredient because water in lotions can actually dry out your skin. CRAZY, right? Yup…I thought so too but look it up, it’s legit. Turns out that most of the water evaporates before it gets absorbed by your body and it takes some of the natural oil that your body produces away from your skin. Same goes for any cosmetic products you’re using.


Obtaining Balance Nourish Organic Body lotion almond vanilla

Nourish Organic Lotion is my first grab for my body after my warm shower. Instead of water they use Aloe Vera which has healing properties and works wonders for hydration. It smells amazing and soaks up rapidly for time-crunched moments #momlife .

I also use body oil when I have more time but I haven’t found a brand that I’m obsessed with yet so stay tuned!

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