A Couple Steps To Happiness

Happiness is one of the best feelings on earth! We watch movies that make us laugh, and we surround ourselves with people who make us feel alive because we crave happiness. That deep belly laugh, the tears from laughing so hard, the pain in your cheeks from smiling so big, the hop in your step, the sparkle in your eyes… all of the things that overcome you because of pure joy.  How do we keep that feeling though? How do we keep it from escaping when the movie ends, or the company leaves?

Be Yourself
– Think about it- you are with yourself from the moment your heart starts beating to the second it stops so be who you want to be and not who other people say you are. Growing up I would flip my middle finger to almost anyone who passed judgment, but then there were some people that I let define me. I let their two cents get to me without even realizing it most of the time. They said I was a certain way because that’s how they saw me in their eyes and I assumed they were right and assuming that was ignorant on my part. No one knows you better than you know yourself so stop letting people tell you who you are or how you should be and start listening to yourself and do what makes YOU happy!

Honestly, whether you like yoga or weights, who cares. Whether you’re vegan or eat meat at every meal, who cares. If it’s healthy and it makes you happy then let people judge away.

Get your mind right
– Your mind is a powerful tool. I know, so cheesy. Seriously though, feed it with the positive thoughts for awhile, and you’ll see. Be thankful for what you have. Find the positive in what surrounds you. Show kindness to people, even when they don’t deserve it and love without fear (yup, these are hard, but you can do it). Wake up and be happy you’re alive! Tell yourself you are special because you are. Tell yourself that you are loved because I ensure you that you are. Remind yourself that you are strong, beautiful, fun, smart, creative, a good parent, significant other… whatever positive qualities you can think of, feed your mind with them. 💜

It doesn’t come easy. It takes time and work to become someone that you enjoy, but I promise it’s worth the effort. You are worth the effort.



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