Tackling Thanksgiving The Fit Way

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I’m a girl that LOVES food so Thanksgiving is definitely up there on my top 5 favorite holidays! My parents divorced when I was young so as a kid we had 2 thanksgivings and I didn’t see that as a bad thing (hahaha).

Now that some of us are older and trying to live a different lifestyle than the way we grew up we might find ourselves pulled back from enjoying a holiday known for stuffing our faces. I get it, I really do, I found myself feeling that way just last week but then I realized something… this is a time of blessings, not restrictions.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be dreaded just because you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Although my family is staying home this year and no one is able to come to us either (both families live in different states) I thought I could still share a few tips for staying healthy this holiday!  I’ll still be practicing some of them as well, so let’s tackle this holiday, together, the fit way!

  1. Eat light every other day.

    – Just because one day you might be throwing yourself off track it doesn’t mean you should throw the week. Try eating lighter before and after Thanksgiving Day.

  2. Hit the Gym

    – Hit the gym as usual but definitely the day before or the morning of and the morning after.  I’m personally going to do some strength training the day before so my body will be working for at least 24 hours to recover and then the day of and the day after I’m going to take a little walk to get my digestion going!

  3. Eat all the GREENS

    – Greens should always be in your diet and if they’re usually left out of your Thanksgiving spread then this is the year to change that. Filling your plate full of salad and veggies will keep your portions where they need to be and help you from eating too many of the foods that lay heavy on your tummy. You can still put that good stuff on your plate aka Sweet Potato deliciousness haha, just make it a smaller portion. Remember, there’s always leftovers!


    -If sweets are your thing then have some dessert for goodness sake! Try taking a peek at the dessert section and plan ahead what you want. Can’t make up your mind? Try a bite of everything (considering you don’t have 10 different desserts!) or see if someone wants to split and swap.

  5. Relax and don’t beat yourself up.

    -These are my goals, if some or none (hopefully not none haha) don’t go as planned then so be it. I won’t be beating myself up and you shouldn’t either! We only live once and your highest priority should be to enjoy your time with those you love not trying to make sure you don’t wake up bloated in the morning or 5lbs heavier on Monday. It’s a beautiful time of the year when people gather with those they love and count their blessings, don’t forget that.

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