Starting is one of the hardest parts…


I’ll start tomorrow or I’ll start Monday. No. How about instead you try saying, I’m starting now! I’m starting today! Get it out of the way, because starting is one of the hardest parts.

We have all been there. Dragging our feet; dreading the first step. That’s the thing though, it is the first step and after you take it you don’t have to take it again. So start now… start today!

“But I want to start a program and those always start on Monday’s.”

That’s awesome! I love programs, as a matter of fact, I’ll go over some in a minute. However, you should still start doing something active today. If you don’t then Monday will come around and then you’ll say, “oh maybe next Monday.”

Yup, I’m on to you and I’m calling you out!!

I know what you are thinking because I’ve been there too! So trust me. Take that first step today by going for a walk or a bike ride, you won’t regret it and you’re worth it! 🙂


There are so many out there that it can get a little overwhelming so today I’m going to go over my 3 favorite ones that you can do from home.

1. Tone It Up

These girls were my first inspiration. They started off on YouTube with workouts that only involved body weight and had free workouts on “Tone It Up Tuesday’s”  and grew from there. They now have Instagram and have 1.2M followers! They were perfect for me because I was in high school and had no money. I still follow them and they continue to offer many free workouts that you can receive from their email newsletters and on Pinterest (to go straight to them click on these).

2. Beachbody

Beachbody is a company that partners up with multiple fitness trainers and offers programs that you can do from home. The beauty of Beachbody is that they have a wide variety of different programs to meet your fitness level. You can order programs directly through their site or you can go through a Beachbody coach. No, I am not a coach nor am I trying to become one but I have done multiple programs off and on for 4 years and highly recommend them. I do, however, recommend that you go through a coach though. Why?

1. It’s supportive and we should live in a world that has more people supporting one another and not tearing each other down.

2. Many of them have a community page that will provide accountability (I told you that you can’t have too much!) and also they’ll share yummy healthy recipes that are easy to make!

If you want a good coach that will help inspire you just let me know!!
Want to order directly, click here: Beachbody 

3. Sweat with Kayla

If you don’t know who Kayla Itsines is then you need to put your reading glasses on and focus because she’s my number one obsession! She has 7M followers on Instagram and her ultimate goal is to help women get to their “bikini body” where they feel healthy and strong. Her program consists of strength training circuits and low-intensity cardio days. She just came out with a “Stronger” workout program that is available on her Sweat with Kayla app that I can’t wait to try after I get in better shape. You do have to pay for this one as well BUT she also has some freebies out there on Pinterest. Sometimes you need weights or something like a bench to step up on but not always.

Sweat with Kayla app for Apple <— click here
Sweat with Kayla app for Android <— click here

If anyone wants to know more about these programs or which Beachbody programs I have done or recommend then you can jump over to my FB community page where I will go over them further. If you’re not a member you can request to become one or you can drop me a comment below and tell me you want in!

Amanda Lochner



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