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Do you know how many different protein powders there are out there on the market? Me either but I know it’s a shit ton! Protein from plant based to whey and flavors from cookies and cream to plain, you name it and they got it. It’s overwhelming! Lucky for you and not so lucky for my wallet, I’m a girl of curiosity and I’ve tried 10 different brands that I can remember. Here are my top 5 and why.

First, we should talk about why protein shakes are important. Whether you are lifting weights or going for long jogs you are getting microscopic tears in the tissue of your muscles. No, it’s okay! This is good. This is what makes you get that toned bod – keep reading. Your body automatically starts signaling to your muscles to start healing themselves and during this rebuilding time, your body is trying to alter itself to make sure that it doesn’t happen again which brings on new muscles that help get you that toned bod that I mentioned before. Drinking a protein shake at least 30 mins after a workout helps recover these tears and build more muscle since there is an efficient amount of protein and carbs.

With that said you don’t technically need to have a protein shake, you can obviously get an efficient amount of protein and carbs from whole food as well.  This is Kayla Itsines motto, however, although I love her program this lifestyle does not work for me. It’s hard enough for me to get a workout in every day, so sitting down and having a meal after my workout is out of the question. That is why I lean towards shakes, however, you can also do protein bars but that’s a whole other post.


Just give me a protein shake and some nikes


Okay, so now that you get why you should be drinking protein shakes let me tell ya about my top 5 like I promised.

  1. Muscle Milk (Whey Based)
    – This brand has 11 different flavors, however, vanilla, chocolate, and cookies and cream are the ones that I have tried and I enjoy all 3. They mix up perfectly and I love baking with the vanilla, especially with my pancakes.
  2. PHYSIQ (Whey and Casein Based)
    – This brand only has vanilla but let me tell you if you like vanilla then this is definitely worth a try. It’s a little bit stronger than the usual but it is so smooth after mixing, tasting like you never put a powder substance in there. It is so good.
  3. MuscleTech Premium Whey Protein (Whey Based)
    – This brand has 2 flavors and we get it from Sam’s Club. I have only tried the vanilla but I like it a lot. It mixes really well but I have not tried to bake with it yet. I’ll put that on my to-do list!
  4. Probiolic-SR (Whey, Casein and Soy Based)
    This brand comes in Chocolate and Vanilla; I have only tired vanilla. It has a fast, medium and slow release meaning that it feeds your muscles for up to 12 hours after consumption. This is great for results because your body can only absorb so much protein at once. A 12-hour release ensures that your muscles are continually being feed throughout a good chunk of the day making sure that they get the right amount of steady nutrients for proper recovery and muscle growth.
  5. Evolve (Plant Based – Pea)
    – This brand has 4 different flavors, however, vanilla and chocolate are the only ones I have tried and I have only bought the pre-made liquid drinks. They’re delicious though and don’t leave a chalky taste in my mouth after drinking like some other plant based protein powders that I have tried have done.



My Protein Shake brings the boys to the yard

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