New Years Intentions, Goals, Resoltions or Whatever You want To Call Them

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Every year we get asked the same question: “ What’s your New Years Resolution?” and some of us already have this well thought out guideline of how we’re going to make the next year our best year yet and then some of us get the “deer in headlights” look. I’ve been both people; this year I’m the OCD “I’m making shit happen” girl.

I used to go into the new year saying it was going to be my healthiest year and thinking I would only succeed if I got lean and fit. In 2017 I’ve learned that health isn’t solely what’s happening on the outside of my body but the inside too. How I feel, how my body responds, and how my digestion is. So as I head into 2018 I will say that one of my intentions is to have my healthiest year once again but this time with a little different perspective.

Glow From The Inside Out…

Wonderful things happen when you pay close attention to how you feel on the inside rather than how you look on the out. You know the saying, “you are what you eat”, well this year I gained some more knowledge on the fact that you are literally what you eat and “if you eat like crap, you’ll feel like crap” is also another quote that screams truth from my own experience and probably yours too.

“The food we take into our mouth goes into our stomach, where it gets digested and eventually assimilated into the bloodstream. Our blood is what creates our cells, our tissues, our organs, our skin, our hair, our brains and even our thoughts and feelings. We are, at our most basic level, walking food.” – Joshua Rosenthal, Integrative Nutrition

Think about this for a second…

  • When you workout you feel better before you look better.
  • When you eat well you feel it before you see it.
  • When you think positive you start acting positively.

… muscles break down and rebuild before you see toning; you hydrate from the inside out … I could go on and on but I think y’all get the point.

I’m going to be putting tons of attention on figuring out what really works for my body and what doesn’t in 2018. I am going to get food and environmental allergy testing done because I’m tired of being in the grey. We can try to self-diagnose ourselves all we want but when it comes down to it, only a test can tell you for certain – not Google.

New Years new you New Years Resoltions
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I’m also focusing on drinking loads of water in whatever amount that is right for my body on that day. I disagree with saying you need X amount of water every day. Truth is the amount of water you need varies on different things, weight, weather, physical activity, foods you’re consuming… it goes on and on. It’s very important to pay attention to your body, if you’re waiting to drink until you’re thirsty then you’re already dehydrated.

Eating more local, gardening again this summer, meditation, and eating more uplifting foods (think grows towards the sun, dark leafy greens, and veggies or even parsley) are also some Intentions of mine going into the new year. Babes, I just want to glow!


Beauty In simplicity…

I’m a girl who enjoys organization, simple plans, clean spaces, and simplicity. We often overcomplicate things, from diet to daily activities. I’ll admit a few years ago I got caught up in the planners that were practically mini scrapbooks. All the washi tape, stickers, pretty gel pens and so on. DUDE! Who has time for that? Not this Momma. In 2018 I’m sticking with this super cute and functional May Designs planner from Target. Every month it has a spot for goals, celebrations, events, don’t forgets and miscellaneous. I’m so obsessed!!

I’ll also be using this motto for my beauty routine to go for a more natural approach and quicker out the door looks.

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There’s so much more that I’ll be working on as well but here’s a good little glimpse for y’all! If ya have any tips for me I’m all ears!!!!


💜 – Amanda

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