Gratitude: Why It Is important and How To Notice It

There are moments that my heart takes over and sends waves of warm joyful tears to my eyes. In these very moments are my strongest feelings of gratitude; I owe them to my kids.

Do I ever feel overwhelmed? Almost daily. Do I find myself frustrated and with little patience? Of course. Do I ever sit in the bathroom a little longer than necessary for an extra minute or two to regain my sanity? Haha, you betcha! However, in those moments where I hear their laughter, Madison sings, Ike’s eyes light up and he gives the biggest smile, or they choose me over Jon (haha, the little things) I find pure gratitude and joy in my heart and it makes every moment of weakness a distant memory. My kids are what taught me gratitude and how to notice it in even the smallest and simplest moments.

Everyone can benefit from practicing gratitude. It has been proven that practicing gratitude helps people experience a more positive mindset, lowers their stress levels, and are more likely to express compassion and kindness to others. That’s just to name a few of the benefits.

Practicing gratitude doesn’t have to be hard and the things that you are grateful for do not have to be big. Something as small as your husband unloading the dishwasher, your child picking up their toys, seeing the sunset, or experiencing a yummy nutritious meal are moments that you can express gratitude. You can do so by telling them thank you, by slowing down and appreciating the colors of nature and paying close attention to each bite that fuels your body. If you find it hard to stop in the moment and express gratitude then try getting a journal and take time out of your day to list something that you are thankful for. There was a time in my life that I had to do this because one, I wasn’t used to it and two, I wasn’t very happy and I found it hard to think of more than a couple people that I was thankful for and the many things that I should have been thankful for. It happens; it gets better.

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Moments of Darkness/Struggles to find gratitude

Here are 30 different things that you may find gratitude in. I tried to come up with basic ones that almost anyone could relate to, however, I have found that it’s often just a new perspective that does the trick.

30 Things of Gratitude


Take Away:

1. Practicing gratitude is good for your overall health.
2. You can practice gratitude in the moment by slowing down and trying to pinpoint moments that bring light to your day and happiness to your heart.
3. You can practice gratitude by revisiting your day and simply writing down something that happened that you are thankful for. This could be written in an inspiring journal, blank notebook or typing it on your phone. You can list your gratitude on your Notes app or an app like Wunderlist or Trello.

💜 – Amanda

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