Do Yourself A Favor and Take A Breather…

Health is so much more than physical activity. It’s being in a healthy state of mind as well. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that when someone told you that you were acting crazy, you stopped and thought, “maybe I am.”? That’s not healthy, that’s not a good feeling, it’s a feeling I’m all too familiar with, and I think you’re familiar with it too.

Most women have a tendency of feeling like they have to do it all and they have to do it perfectly. We take on too much; we do so much for our loved ones (friends, family, spouse, and children) that we forget to take time for ourselves. When the fact that we’re getting a little overwhelmed shows we get, I love you, you’re the best and thank you’s in return.

Hahaha!! Yeah right.

No, we get, “you’re acting crazy.”

Then if you’re anything like me, you start sticking up for yourself saying something along the lines of “you bet I am and maybe I wouldn’t be if you just … blah, blah, blah”. That makes you look like an ass. Don’t be an ass. Don’t be like me. Try to remember that most likely the person calling you out for acting crazy has a lot on their plate too.

So before you get to that, “I’m about to have a breakdown that puts all breakdowns to shame” moment, do you and your health a favor and take a breather. It will help clear your mind and relieve stress which in return lowers your blood pressure also.

Here are some of my favorite ways to spend some time with me, myself and I.

  1. Workout
    – If I am mad I like to do strength training but if I all I need is some peace I love going for a walk, especially outside or doing a little yoga or pilates because stretching makes me feel amazing.
  2. Read
    – I enjoy a good book that you can get lost in or one that helps you take control of your life.
  3. Take a hot shower or bath
    – There’s nothing like some hot water, Epsom salt, and essential oils! Plus the Epsom salt helps detox 😉 !
  4. At home Mani-Pedi
    – If I get a professional mani-pedi, I am spoiling myself. The only nail polish that stays on my hands is Essie Gel and I don’t like fake nails, so manicures are a waste of money and they rob you blind out here in PA for pedicures.
  5. Go grocery shopping
    – When you’re a mom, there are only a few things that come close to the peace it brings you when you get to go grocery shopping alone!
  6. Watch a movie or favorite tv show
    – I am a television junkie. However, when I am watching my shows or a movie I need complete silence or else I get lost. That is why I like to watch TV when I walk on my treadmill. If I don’t do it at this time, then I don’t at all unless I ask for some me time.
  7. Clean
    – I live for cleanliness and organization. If my house is a mess, then I am a mess. Let me remind you. I have 2 kids, 2 dogs and a husband that doesn’t ever take off his shoes HAHA, my house is almost always a mess.
  8. Take a nap
    – Naps are heaven, and if I have to explain that then we can’t be friends. 😉
  9. Meal Prep
    – This one is only good for the weekend but there’s nothing like going into the week with a good meal plan so you don’t ruin your goals!
  10. Work on my blog
    – It’s my hobby and everyone needs a hobby!!!

So the next time you feel yourself getting overwhelmed make sure you take some time for yourself and regroup. I’m still working on doing this too, I can’t help but feel bad about it, but we don’t have to. When we do this, we’re doing ourselves and our loved ones a favor! 🖤


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Do Yourself A Favor and Take A Breather…

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