Kick Off To My Blog

Hey guys, first off I’d like to kick off this blog with saying thank you for checking it out!! I’ve thought about doing this for awhile now so I am really excited to finally put it into action!

My interest in fitness started around my junior year in high school and then as I got older I became interested in nutrition as well. My family was just as uneducated on the subject as I was and many of their attempts at “weight loss” involved crash dieting. So everything I learned came from my own research and then from my husband. I quickly learned that there was a lot of misguidances out there.

  • Put down the carbs unless you want to be fat!
  • The only way to lose weight is through cardio!
  • And the oh so popular… weights will make you bulky!

Lies, lies, LIES! Your body needs carbs and strength training mixed with cardio is the exact combination you need to accelerate your results and get a toned body.

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